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Name: Renee
Age: 20
Gender: Girl
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Favorite Show: ATHF
Favorite Character: Master Shake (He's so dreamy! And just like me =))) -- coming in 2nd would be Stewie)
Fill in the blanks:[be original if possible]
Adult Swim is hott sex outdoors in a thunderstorm. For Adult Swim I would stand naked in the woods with a target painted on my back during hunting season. My addiction to Adult Swim has caused me to lose sleep, have massive headaches, hallucinate and bleed from the ears. For Adult Swim I would give up my middle toe -- but NOT my pinky toe. The moderator of this site is cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cupcake - MMM. She should totally come in my mouth.... wtf?

Hi Kiddies =) My first time posting here & I look forward to posting again later... Hasta Pasta!

[the end]
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