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i have come to invade your space

Name: colin :|
Age: 20 -__-
Gender: male
Location: tampa, fl
Favorite Show: birdman/space ghost.
Favorite Character: carl
and now the fun part!
Fill in the blanks:[be original if possible]
Adult Swim is a wild swirl of tickly beanie babies on acid, only better. For Adult Swim I would eat babies. My addiction to Adult Swim has caused me to reduce myself to this. For Adult Swim I would give up my immortal soul. The moderator of this site is hawt(?). She should totally send me naked pictures.... onle.... respectibablly... bebebeally.... respectababababallyabelbablbely :| omg shut up.

as for a picture :| i don't know. i'm really lazy. i'd have to go to my photobucket and find one... gyuh... i don't even think i have good ones. besides the dreaded catsaber. let's pull that one up.

superior to the lightsaber

and yes. it's coming out the cats butt. not his wang :| that would hurt to pee...

and you might find my journal funny. it's just images that i put up of ignignokt and err in old games. only 3. probably 4 by the time you check. we'll see.
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