Asia Mow (asiasjournal) wrote in adult_swim_love,
Asia Mow

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pwned by Katrina

Well Katrina has stolen my electricity, my ability to return home, and worst of all my cable! (kidding)

And do you know what I left behind at my house? That's right, my collection of Family Guy and Futurama DVD's Gaaaah the agony. hehe, no not really. How materialistic would that be? Anyway I am very well off compared to a lot of people from New Orleans. Just thought I would drop a line and let everyone (who cares) know their dearest, wonderful, moderator is alive and well, and in good spirits! and I have cable again in the place I'm staying now! Won't be able to return to my house until the government says so, but I'll be ok. Good luck to those less fortunate than me who did not make it out, or do not have houses to return to.

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