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[adult swim]

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[Adult Swim]
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This community is set up for Adult Swim fans to talk about the amazingness that is adult swim! It's also a good place to share adult swim pictures, sound files, clips, etc. If you feel like it, you can fill out "the form" as your first entry so it can be scrutinized and judged by the exsisting members. No, it's really just there so we can all get to know you and see if youre as crazy about adult swim and its splendor as the rest of us, and also so we can use it against you later... "cuz that's how we roll."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Post whatever you want. Lengthy entries should be placed under an LJ-cut, just for the conveinience of other members. I don't have any rules about being nice or anything, but if you've got a vicious arguement to take up with someone... take it outside huh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com yours truly, asiasjournal. If you have any comments, suggestions, or whatever, I would LOVE to hear from you... but not on my personal journal. I've set up a special post where comments should be made and if you click HERE, you should find it. Im trying to make this community as non-annoying as possible. all feedback is appreciated. I would also like to know some more things that I should add to this communities interests. FYI, I reserve the right to ban people and stuff because I feel like it.

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Favorite Show:
Favorite Character:
and now the fun part!
Fill in the blanks:[be original if possible]
Adult Swim is_____. For Adult Swim I would _____. My addiction to Adult Swim has caused me to ________. For Adult Swim I would give up ________. The moderator of this site is ______. She should totally ________.

And if you want to, you can post a picture of yourself.
[the end]

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